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Friday, March 2

8:00am EST

IB meets the NGSS Michigan 1Donna Hertel • Colin Killmer • Michelle Mason • Kathy Mirakovits The Lake Michigan Food Web: What did the Lampreys do? Meeting Room 203William Hodges Building a Summer Science Field course Banquet 8Chris Bolhuis • Dario Lirio Earth System Science Resources to Use on Monday! Free from NOAA to You! Capitol 1June Teisan Teaching about Floods Using Extreme Weather Events Meeting Room 202Stephen Mattox • Nickolaas Vlietstra How to start an AP environmental science course (and love it too!) Michigan 3Chris Groenhout • Karina White An Administrators Guide to the New Michigan Science Standards through the lens of Phenomenal Science (curriculum) & 3DSPA (assessment) Meeting Room 201Jennel Martin-Powell • Darcy McMahon • Matthew Samocki Creating 3D Learning: Modeling, Argumentation and Explanation in your classroom through NGSX study groups! Banquet 1James Emmerling Incorporating STEM into the Classroom Meeting Room 103Gary Curts Making Grades More Meaningful Meeting Room 204Brian Langley Science Talk Meeting Room 101Katherine Armstrong • Roxane Dupuis • Kathleen Schutter Supporting Early Literacy Development and the Michigan Science Standards Banquet 2Wendi Vogel Updates from the Michigan Department of Education and the DTMB Capitol 4Rashell Bowerman • Jill Griffin • Ruth Anne Hodges • TJ Smolek • Mi STEM “Our Teaching Experiences:” Learning to Recognize our Students’ Expertise with an NGSS-aligned Middle Grades Engineering Curriculum Michigan 2Selena Bliesener • Marcos David Gonzalez-Flores • Christina Restrepo Nazar • Angela Calabrese Barton, Ph.D. • Kathleen Schenkel Health in Our Hands: Using online simulations to explain phenomena Banquet 5Idit Adler • Renee Bayer • Darlene McClendon Phenomenal Unit Plan Banquet 4Kristy Butler • Patti Richardson Using Our National Parks to Blend Curriculum Regency 1Gabe Knowles • Noelle Knowles Teaching Science when you don’t know diddly-squat Capitol 2Tracy D'Augustino Yeah, Buoy! (Buoyancy Demos) GovernorJonathan Paddock Schoolyard BioBlitz: Connecting Citizen Science to the Classroom Regency 2Gabrielle Likavec • Lisa Marie Tobin Mastering the Chemical Formula Meeting Room 104Bill Cline Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning in Action Meeting Room 102Marjorie Frank • Ann Pearson Digital Data Nuggets - real research, real data, real classrooms Meeting Room 205Marcia Angle • Melissa Kjelvik • May Lee • Elizabeth Schultheis How to See What Your Students are Thinking: Student Modeling and the NGSS Banquet 3Jim Clark • Samantha Johnson Make Your Elementary Science Phenomenal! Understanding Phenomenal Science Instructional Strategies in Grades 3-5 Banquet 6Jennel Martin-Powell • Darcy McMahon • Matthew Samocki A Mi-STAR Lesson: Patterns and Cause & Effect Banquet 7Jean Buller • John Gregg MEECS - Ecosystems and Biodiversity Capitol 3Jessica Wagenmaker

9:00am EST

Weaving Stories Throughout Your Biology Course Using HHMI Biointeractive Resources Banquet 4Mark Eberhard Aerial Exploration of Environmental Study Sites, Using Kites, Cameras and Other Sensors Banquet 1Jeff Bouwman • David Bydlowski • Andy Henry Merging High School Geology with NGSS Banquet 8Chris Bolhuis • Stephen Mattox • Ashley Meyer • Claire Sobolak • Brad Stevens Incorporating Science Practices into STEM Classrooms: Design and Assessment Meeting Room 201Danny Caballero Making Sense of Science Through Notebooks Meeting Room 101Katherine Armstrong • Roxane Dupuis • Kathleen Schutter Health in Our Hands: A free life science middle school curriculum Banquet 5Idit Adler • Renee Bayer • Darlene McClendon Using Wildlife CSI to Teach Claim, Evidence, Reasoning Meeting Room 204Becky Durling • Jon Gray Online Formative Assessment Tools in Science Michigan 2Ranya Croitori • Catherine Hamilton Becoming a Certified Environmental Educator Meeting Room 203Cindy Fitzwilliams-Heck Inquiry-based Introduction to Gel Electrophoresis Michigan 3Richard Chan • Mindy Lee-Olsen Make Your Elementary Science Phenomenal! Understanding Phenomenal Science Instructional Strategies in Grades K-2 Michigan 1Jennel Martin-Powell • Darcy McMahon • Matthew Samocki Structuring Discussion to Be Equitable and Rigorous Meeting Room 103Diane Wright The Coaching Connection: Supporting Best Practice Science Instruction Banquet 2Mary Burke Three-Dimensional Assessment Writing Workshop Capitol 4TJ Smolek Science Talks Meeting Room 202Noreen Habana Seeing is Believing: Physics Demonstrations to Energize Your Classroom Capitol 2Don Pata Hands-on with virtual nuclear research GovernorZachary Constan • Rich Lund

10:00am EST

Coffee 101 with BIGGBY® COFFEE Meeting Room 203Nikki Walsh • Heather Zink Observe, Investigate and Enjoy! A tour of free, NGSS aligned, classroom activities. Meeting Room 204Natalie Elkins Super Protection from Superbugs: the Fight Against Antibiotic Resistance Meeting Room 201Katelin Anderson • Elaine Bailey Let's Debate Banquet 6Yvonne Coogan • Jane Culp A Science Teacher in a Math Classroom Regency 2Sarah Murphy Creating System Thinkers --- Transforming Student Illustrations into Scientific Models Banquet 1Jessica Ashley • Michael Gallagher Easy Tech Tools to Facilitate Discussion/Reflection Michigan 2Alaina Sharp • Dan Spencer It's Phenomenal! Meeting Room 101Katherine Armstrong • Roxane Dupuis • Kathleen Schutter Virtual Field Trips with Google Expeditions Meeting Room 102Ann Pearson Secondary Teachers of Science as Agents of Change: An NGSS Approach to Understanding the Environmental Impacts of Everyday Decisions Capitol 1Joyce Parker • Jane Rice Electromagnetic Spectrum & Radioactivity Banquet 8Kevin Dehne Grab their Attention with Gizmos! Regency 1Diana Markley • Julie Parks Protein Synthesis and Mutations with magnetic beads Banquet 4William Hodges • Heather Peterson One in a Million Meeting Room 104Bill Cline Phenomenal Tools for MSS Chemistry and Physics Instruction and Assessment Banquet 5Cameron Cochran • Deborah Peek-Brown • Israel Touitou Integrating Technology into Science-Based STEM with the 5E Meeting Room 205Karen Kudla • Ken Wester A Mi-STAR Lesson: Comparing Engineering Solutions with a Decision Matrix Banquet 7Tony Matthys • Stephanie Tubman What did they say? Student Discourse and the NGSS Banquet 3Jim Clark • Samantha Johnson MSTA Garage Sale Garage Sale (Coat Room)

11:00am EST

What's in the Woods? Meeting Room 204Kevin Frailey Forestry and Forest Ecology for Elementary and Middle School Meeting Room 203Michael LeValley Chemistry Phenomenons to Kick Start Your Units Capitol 4Jaime Hainer • Kristy Lee A Long Walk to Water - A Cross-Curricular Unit Meeting Room 202Shawn Knaack A Teacher Friendly Version of the Stratigraphic Column of Michigan Banquet 8Conner Frymier • Stephen Mattox #gettingsciencedone -- Citizen Science Capitol 1Jeff Bouwman • David Bydlowski • Andy Henry Accountable Talk in the Science Classroom Michigan 1Amanda Iocoangeli • Danielle Jozwiak • Carlie Rzepa • Vanya Steel Lesson Planning with NGSS: The 5E Instructional Model Meeting Room 102Ann Pearson • Kelly Short Promoting Classroom Discussions with Talk Moves Banquet 2Minna Turrell Science Talk Meeting Room 101Katherine Armstrong • Roxane Dupuis • Kathleen Schutter Stop Creating Lesson Plans: Start Creating Learning Experiences GovernorRandy Schregardus The Voice of the Teacher - For Students, For Science, For Our Futures Capitol 2Christine Royce Ed.D What The Heck Happened?!?! Meeting Room 201Ted Beyer You've Got This - Teach More Discipline Less! Regency 2Jennifer Gottlieb STEM Connecting Schools and Businesses Regency 1Rick Mushing • Ebiri Nkugba Invade Your Parks and Back Again! Michigan 2Christine Kelly A Focus on Modeling in the Phenomenon-Based Classroom Meeting Room 103Diane Wright "Ready Set Go" STEM Banquet 6Cassandra Cayce • Connie Eisenhart AP Computer Science Principles (Grades 10-12) and Computer Science Discoveries (Grades 6-9) Banquet 1Kathy Surd

1:00pm EST

Michigan Predator Prey Project Meeting Room 204Kevin Frailey Aquaponics in the Classroom Banquet 8Jeremy Hyler • Jeremy Winsor Moving from Learning Read and Write to Reading and Writing to Learn: Literacy Strategies in the Science Classroom Meeting Room 103Diane Wright Partnering with the Michigan Nature Association in a Place Based Education Opportunity. Meeting Room 202Rachel Maranto • Aaron Wesche Sensory Activities for Early Learners: lessons you can use tomorrow! Meeting Room 203Becky Durling • Natalie Elkins 3 Dimensional Learning in Middle School Modeling Instruction Meeting Room 201Nell Bielecki • George Nelson • Scott Stokes • Andrea Williams Curriculum Connections - ELA & Science in Elementary Banquet 6Amy Quinn District Science Leader Round-table: High School Course Sequence Sharing Banquet 2Heather Robotham • Wendi Vogel Family Engineering & Design Thinking Night Meeting Room 101Diana Matthews • Lisa Morgan Find the Fund$ for STEM Regency 1June Teisan Middle School Share-a-thon Michigan 2Susan Tate Summer isn't just for suntans. It is for Research too! Regency 2Marty Buehler • Connie High Teaching Science: The Next Generation Meeting Room 102Todd Koenig Wait, What? There’s a New Science Assessment?!? Capitol 4TJ Smolek Healthy Grading: A Moral Imperative Capitol 1Don Pata Health in Our Hands: Using the Driving Question Board to explain phenomena Banquet 5Idit Adler • Renee Bayer • Darlene McClendon Integrating Chromebook with Vernier Technology Meeting Room 205Patti Smith Mathematizing Biodiversity: Using Species Accumlation Curves to Measure Biodiversity Banquet 4William Hodges • Heather Peterson Photosynthesis and Respiration Shuffle Meeting Room 104Bill Cline • Shannon Mareski A Mi-STAR Lesson: Got a Problem? Yo, I’ll Solve It! Banquet 7Lisa Ogiemwonyi • Monica Wyrwicz Engage Students to Think, Communicate, and Act Like Scientists! Capitol 2Jan Huff • Randy Schregardus Taking Flight with Children's Literature Banquet 1Christine Royce Ed.D • Dr. Steve Rich Learning Labs at the Detroit Zoo Michigan 1Akilah Franklin • Claire Lannoye-Hall Lloyd's Toolbox of Engineering Ideas & Activities Michigan 3Lloyd Hilger May the Force Be With You GovernorDale Freeland Creating Three-Dimensional, Equity-Based Tasks for an NGSS Classroom. Banquet 3Jim Clark • Samantha Johnson MEECS - Energy Resources Capitol 3Jessica Wagenmaker

2:00pm EST

Setting the Stage for Doing Science in Chemistry Capitol 4Colin Costello • Kate Hagerman Bat Conservation in Your Classroom Meeting Room 201Aja Marcato Cultivating Classroom Culture for New(er) Teachers Michigan 2Elizabeth Michaels • Rebecca Murawski Curriculum Review for 3-Dimensions Banquet 2Rich Bacolor • Wendi Vogel Making Science Real with Problem Based Learning Meeting Room 205Chuck McMillan • Paul Meyers Student Drivers - Driving Question Boards empower students to figure out what they really need to know and how they will get there Meeting Room 102Holly Hereau • Wayne Wright Successful STEM Techniques in Elementary Classrooms Banquet 6Michele Bielby • Kelly Swales Teaching Students about the Brain: How I’ve Learned to View Neurodiversity Banquet 8Laura Panek Salmon in YOUR Classroom Meeting Room 204Tracy Page Transition from one Dimensional GLCE's to Three Dimensional NGSS Regency 2Andrew J. Frisch • Duncan Gervin Thematic Science Fairs - Using Scientific Inquiry to Increase Environmental Literacy Meeting Room 203Bridget Booth Project-Based Inquiry Science™ (PBIS): Creating “Coherence and Science Storylines” for Middle School Meeting Room 103Mary Starr K-8 Teachers as Agents of Change: NGSS and the Environmental Impacts of Using Natural Resources Regency 1Laura Markham • Jane Rice Teaching with the Big Ideas in Mind Meeting Room 202Kristin Kiebler-Green • Joe Showerman Making sense of phenomena by using a free online modeling tool Banquet 5Tom Bielik • Li Ke • Consuelo Morales Effectively engaging youth in the process of science Meeting Room 101Tracy D'Augustino • Norm Lownds

3:00pm EST

Tools for thinking about assessment for the new MSS. - MSELA Banquet 2Sarah Coleman Boatload of Biology Banquet 4Kristy Butler • Patti Richardson Microbes ate my underwear! Meeting Room 203Heather Kittredge • Misty Klotz Invaders in Your Classroom: Resource Kits to Teach About Aquatic Invasives Meeting Room 204Tracy Page Elemental Fictions: Storytelling and Narratives in Introductory Science Capitol 4Courtney Mather • Prasad Venugopal Explore Hands-On Science for Elementary Students at Impressions 5 Impressions 5Micaela Balzer • Toni Daymon Flipping with Ease Michigan 2Adam Alster • Cynthia Bridges Get Students Asking THEIR OWN Questions Banquet 6Katie Stevenson Make Your K-5 Science Phenomenal! An Introduction to Phenomenal Science Units Banquet 7Jennel Martin-Powell • Darcy McMahon • Matthew Samocki Making It Real... Cheap!! Meeting Room 102Darrick Gregory • Julie Hahn • Jodi Heaney One Crime Scene; 100 Students! Oh my! Meeting Room 205Kathy Mirakovits Phenomenon-first Examples in the Classroom Meeting Room 201Carl Wozniak Productive Talk: How to Get Students to Share Their Thinking Through Scientific Discussions Capitol 2Kelly MacDonell • Katie MacDonell Video Storylines in the Science Classroom Meeting Room 103Josh Nichols WALLS: Water, Air, Land, Lifeand Space. Regency 2David Mastie IBN-Drawing and Writing to Learn Science Banquet 8Lisa Weise Let's Debate! Regency 1Kathy Agee RC Cars, Sensors, and Coding… Oh My! Michigan 3Allison Abram • Alexandra Wagner What does that graph show me? GovernorDale Freeland Cell Differentiation and Gene Expression Meeting Room 104Bill Cline • Shannon Mareski No Time for Science? Learn How to Integrate Reading and Writing Using the Cereal City Science Units Michigan 1Steve Barry • Nancy Karre

4:00pm EST

Doing, Thinking, Understanding: Science Performance Assessments Meeting Room 201Jennel Martin-Powell • Darcy McMahon • Matthew Samocki Focus on Figuring Out – Grade 4 (Multiple Literacies in Project-Based Learning) Banquet 5Sue Codere Kelly • Joseph Krajcik • Deborah Peek-Brown • Samuel Severance Solar Panels and Pool Covers: Revving UP Biology Meeting Room 203Amy Weesies Medicines and Me-developing a New Flu Prevention Drug Banquet 8Samantha Cree • Cynthia Duncan Community Connection Activities in Biology Classrooms Banquet 3Craig Kohn Physical Science Phenomena for Middle School GovernorMichelle Mason • Kathy Mirakovits A New Formula? PASCO + Curriculum = PASCO education (ALL in one STEM solution for Chemistry and Physics) Banquet 7Julie Thomas Spandex of Gravity - Modeling the Very Fabric of Space and Time! Meeting Room 202Christine Brillhart • Dr. Christie N. Gayheart • Mark Hackbarth Bring Michigan Science Standards to Life Using Place-based Education Michigan 2Kym Pawelka • Amanda Syers Michigan Environmental Public Health Tracking - A Tool You Can Use! Capitol 2Jill Maras • Sydney Ogden Science and Engineering Practices in the NGSS Meeting Room 205Matt Moorman Teaching with Technology Regency 1Michelle Campbell Using 3D Learning Strategies to Improve Standardized Assessment Regency 2Karen Kudla Zero to STEM in 60 minutes! Banquet 6Crystal Brown Great Demos on a Small Budget Capitol 4Mark Sheler ECHO: Distance Learning at the MiSci Meeting Room 103Jeanane Charara Ignite Your Classroom With Digital Storytelling (Featuring GoPro Cameras). Meeting Room 204Josh Nichols

5:00pm EST

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