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Saturday, March 3

8:00am EST

Turning Science Fiction Into Science Facts: A compelling project based approach using new STEM investigative techniques Meeting Room 201Greg Gage • Will Wharton Biology Practices That Drive Thinking Forward Banquet 4Rebecca Brewer Activities for the Anthropocene Michigan 3Holly Schaeffer Oh Deer! Populations, Models, and Technology Michigan 1Rob Keys • Benjamin VanDyke The Triple E’s of Climate Change: Environmental Change, Epidemiology & ELISA Testing! Meeting Room 205Tamica Stubbs Getting them Talking Constructively Banquet 3Mari Maltby Claims, Evidence and Reasoning (CER) in an AP chemistry classroom. Capitol 4Jamie Benigna • Alice Putti Michigan Chemistry Teachers Meeting Michigan 2Michelle Mason • Mary Jordan McMaster NGSS Unit Creation & Assessment Meeting Room 204Brenda Lantinga Incorporating STEM into the Classroom Meeting Room 103Gary Curts Make Any Classroom a Makerspace Banquet 5Chuck McMillan • Paul Meyers Muffins for MSTA Members Regency 1Roberta Cramer NGSS Puzzles and Mysteries: Using Phenomena in the Classroom Meeting Room 102Ann Pearson Creating professional learning communities around 3D Formative Assessment Banquet 1Mary Starr Fake News in Science Meeting Room 101Steven Tezak Mi-STAR Up and Running in Your School Banquet 7Doug Oppliger • Stephanie Tubman Making Nasty Problems Fun! Meeting Room 203Michael Sinclair Mysteries of Magnetism - THEMIS & MMS Banquet 8Cris DeWolf • Lisa DeWolf Floating Trains: Phenomena, 3-D Instruction, and Amplify Science for Grades K-5 Meeting Room 202Bill Badders Integrating Environmental Data Analysis into your Classroom: Climate Change and Michigan’s Cherries Regency 2Isabella Garramone • Katie Torkelson-Regan idk whut 2 say: teen dialogue in the classroom Capitol 2Rebecca Heckman “It’s Just too Hard to Explain!” - Making Sense of Phenomena by Developing and Using Models in the Elementary Classroom. Banquet 6Steve Barry • Nancy Karre Newton's 2nd Law of Motion Activity, NGSS GovernorBrad Parsons Waves Meeting Room 104Bill Cline • Lisa Kelp Energy and the NGSS Capitol 1Don Pata • Laura Ritter MEECS - Water Quality Capitol 3Joan Chadde MSTA Garage Sale Garage Sale (Coat Room)

9:00am EST

Using Phenomena in Biology to Give Context and Purpose for Learning Banquet 3Courtney Lutz • Katherine Rydzinski Classification Can Be Fun Regency 1Lu Anne Cuthbert Teaching About Climate Change in Biology Banquet 4Wendy Johnson • Christie Morrison Thomas We've got Gall, do you? Michigan 3Edward Johns • Steve Vree 1 Class Period+ 1 Model System + 2 Cellular Processes= Success 4 Students! Meeting Room 205Tamica Stubbs Slow down to go fast? How modeling can increase student engagement through storytelling Meeting Room 203Mason Converse • Sandra Erwin Implementing NGSS 3D Learning with NASA/GLOBE Earth System Learning Progressions Meeting Room 204Janet Struble Rock with Your Students! Banquet 8Maria Gonzalez 3-2-1 Blast Off! Meeting Room 201Diane Correnty Building Solid Storylines Meeting Room 102Ann Pearson • Kelly Short Creating a space for the Crosscutting Concepts: from questions to explanations to assessments Banquet 1Mary Starr Scientific Argumentation: How to reason like a scientist Michigan 1Samuel Langhorne • Samantha Lichtenwald Biological and health student's perception about academic integrity. Michigan 2Samuel Coronel-Nuñez • Rafael Diaz-Garcia • Jorge Joel Reyes-Mendez Science Songs, Simple Stuff and Sliquids Meeting Room 101Kevin Koch Focus on Figuring Out – Grade 3 (Multiple Literacies in Project-Based Learning) Banquet 5Sue Codere Kelly • Joseph Krajcik • Deborah Peek-Brown Teaching Chemistry to Middle School Students Capitol 4Kathleen O'Connor Structuring Discussion to Be Equitable and Rigorous Meeting Room 103Diane Wright Mi-STAR Professional Learning Session I: Introducing the Challenge Banquet 7Megan Coonan • Emily Gochis • Stephanie Tubman

10:00am EST

Classroom Gardens and the NGSS Meeting Room 205Testing Advertising • Maureen Klein STEM Cells on Station Meeting Room 201Tom Drummond • Peter Lawrie Interactions: A Free Three-dimensional Science Curriculum for 9th Grade Physical Science Banquet 5Angela Kolonich Citizen Scientists Needed! Students Collecting Data for the GLOBE Urban Heat Island Effect Campaign Meeting Room 204David Bydlowski • Janet Struble Natural Learning Banquet 8Amy Greene Beyond CER: Explanation and Argument - Distinctions & Implications for Instruction Banquet 1Amy Deller-Antieau • Darcy McMahon Cementing Their Learning - Making it Stick! Meeting Room 101Chris Blackstock Dig Deeper! Ways to Get More Meaningful Reflection and Talk Michigan 2Patrick Lothrop • Jaime Ratliff Engaging All Learners in Meaningful Scientific Conversations Meeting Room 203Heather Damick From Storybook STEM to Beyond Michigan 3Amanda Iocoangeli • Danielle Jozwiak Journaling in Science using Evidence Notebooks Meeting Room 102Todd Koenig Supporting Student Science Talk in Kindergarten Banquet 6Kirsten D. Edwards • Amelia Gotwals • Tanya S. Wright Everything I needed to know about assessment I learned in marching band Regency 1Taylor Funk Using a Driving Question Board to Figure out Phenomena Banquet 4Wendy Johnson How dense are my students? Michigan 1Samantha Kempf • Brian Welch LITERARY SCIENCE: The Integration of ELA and Science at the Secondary Level to Promote Scientific Literacy Capitol 2Hannah Homrich Cars That Can't Crash - Fact or Fiction GovernorDave Acton • Mark Davids Man’s Real BFF 2.0 Banquet 3Roberta Cramer • Cheryl Hach Modeling the Introduction of a New Species: NGSS Ecology Meeting Room 104Bill Cline • Lisa Kelp Integrate Scientific Modeling, Climate Change, and Forest Ecology into your Middle School Classroom: Climate Change and Michigan Forests Regency 2Isabella Garramone • Virginia Hawkins Tips You Can Use in Class Tomorrow: Building Community, Accountability, and Class Relevance Meeting Room 202Mark Francek

11:00am EST

Scaffolding 3-Dimensional Science Using (free) Carbon TIME Units Capitol 1Christie Morrison Thomas Investigating Ecological Relationships Using HHMI Biointeractive Resrources Banquet 4Mark Eberhard Modeling and Experimental Design Using Isopods Michigan 3Jennifer Beck Reflections from adding phenomenon GovernorKristin Mayer 3 Dimensional Learning with Bring Science Alive! Meeting Room 205Matt Moorman Elementary Inquiry and STEM Extravaganza Banquet 8Betty Crowder KLEWS: Organizing Science Ideas & Building Literacy Banquet 1Rich Bacolor • Mary Starr Let's Have a Ball: Incorporating Movement Activities in Science Meeting Room 203Patti Picard Mi-STAR From A Teacher Perspective Michigan 1Yonee Bryant-Kuiphoff • Dawn Kahler Tools for Teaching Elementary Science Banquet 6Marie Woodman How to Develop an Instructional Storyline Regency 1Joe Austin • Rochelle Rubin TATTS MSS: Tips and Tricks to Survive MSS Michigan 2April Holman Project-Based Inquiry Science™ (PBIS): Creating “Coherence and Science Storylines” for Middle School Meeting Room 103Mary Starr Exploring Biology through Dissection with Flinn Scientific Capitol 2Matt Anderson Using Three-Dimensional Rubrics in Formative Assessments to Figure out Phenomena Banquet 5Joseph Krajcik • Phyllis Haugabook Pennock • Samuel Severance Exponential inquiry- merging math and biotech to amplify learning Meeting Room 204Richard Chan • Mindy Lee-Olsen Safer Chemistry: STEM Connection and Green Chemistry Replacement Labs Capitol 4Jonathan Baek • Erika Fatura • Jennifer Sherburn Building Your NGSS Toolbox: Strategies for Implementing the Science and Engineering Practices and Crosscutting Concepts in a Student Led Classroom Banquet 2Leigh Ann Roehm Penny Ante Science: Activities in General Science, Earth Science, Life Science, and Physical Science. Meeting Room 101Mitchell Klett STEAM: If We Can Do It, You Can Do It! Meeting Room 201Natalie Anderson • Stephanie D'Huyvetter Mi-STAR Professional Learning Session II: Real World Science Investigations Banquet 7Megan Coonan • Emily Gochis • Stephanie Tubman Conservation and You! Meeting Room 102Claire Lannoye-Hall • Sandy Ling

12:00pm EST

1:00pm EST

Evo-Ed Cases: Connecting Biology Across the Curriculum Banquet 3Clinton Bartholomew • Alexa Warwick How Much and How Often Banquet 8Samantha Cree • Cynthia Duncan Living Coral Reef in the Classroom Meeting Room 205Rick Preuss Digital Microscopy for $40 Michigan 3Bob Myers Chemistry of International Cuisine Capitol 4Scott Milam Turning Chemistry Labs into STEM Labs Meeting Room 101Robert Ause "Mr. Mastie, I Can Still Remember When We...." Regency 1David Mastie Forensics for Free Meeting Room 204Kyle Jenks • Caitlin Johnson Fusing Art in Science from an Elementary Art Room Banquet 6Angie Herek Influence of research experiences on science teacher knowledge and practice Meeting Room 203Abbi Halkola • Amy Lark Online Resources for the Science Classroom Meeting Room 201Christine Schneider The Lecture Is Dead: Using Alternative Classroom Models to Enhance Student Learning Banquet 5Vanessa Logan Wentzloff Making Use of Student Thinking Banquet 1Mark Olson Opioids, Flu, Zoonoses, Obesity: Oh My! Banquet 4Richard Blauvelt Using Children's Literature to Guide Science Inquiry K-5 Banquet 2Kim Stilwell Reflecting on Learning with Google Drive Regency 2Danielle Aguilar City Critters: Connecting Science and Empathy Capitol 2Lisa Forzley Kepler Made Me Do It Meeting Room 202John Dumar Learning by doing: Practical applications online Meeting Room 102Samantha du Preez Dark & Light: Nature Writing & Observation Meeting Room 103Brandon Groff • Monica Lewis Diggin' Outdoor Education Capitol 1Nancy Berg • Chelsea OBrien Discrepant Events Abound Michigan 2Rachel Badanowski Mi-STAR Professional Learning Session III: Addressing 21st Century Challenges Banquet 7Megan Coonan • Emily Gochis • Stephanie Tubman

2:00pm EST

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